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Freedom By Starita Boyce Ansari, Ph.D


The Charter for Compassion has a new strategic partner, The New 3Rs. Today's guest author is Dr. M. Starita Boyce Ansari, founder The New 3Rs. Dr. Ansari is a scholar in the field of economics of discrimination and education inequity. Her work has been recognized by The Ford Foundation, The W. K. Kellogg Foundation, and numerous institutions. As the founder of The New 3Rs, Starita has been nationally acknowledged by the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy IUPUI Center as one of the top ten Black female Philanthropists. Dr. Ansari is a NASDAQ Entrepreneur Innovator. Please join us in a welcome to Starita and her team at our EdNet Forum, August 4th, and watch for an upcoming program in conjunction with the Charter.

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M. Starita Boyce Ansari, Ph.D.
The New 3Rs, Inc.
Edutech Innovator/Global Workforce Developer 

Ever asked yourself if we would be fighting global famine today, if Deputy Chairman of the Black Panther Party, Fredrick Hampton had lived? Would Poland have denied shelter to Black Nigerian students enrolled in medical school in Ukraine, if Chairman Fred Hampton's Rainbow Coalition that united Buddhists in India, Polynesians in New Zealand, Aboriginals in Australia, Latinx, and USA low-income whites in the United States, continued? Ever wonder what type of global compassionate leader the United States would be If Malcolm X, Dr. King and Robert F Kennedy and John F Kennedy had lived?

My point is not to capture the haze of nostalgia of our activist past. The world and times adversely have changed. But the meaning of justice has not. We can't go back in time, but also cannot forget the compassionate values of the 60s that brought people together regardless of class, faith, gender or race. In the work I have done with philanthropists and advocates their reflex seems to focus on a single issue and not seeing the intersection of race.

It is no coincidence racism remains a global systemic problem. The continent of Africa has the richest resources on earth (oil, copper, forest, and the largest precious metals). Yet, the poorest countries in the world are in Africa. The USA, UK, France, Canada, Netherlands, and Spain are the wealthiest nations, because of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. On July 25, 2022, Pope Francis visited Canada to merely apologize for the Indigenous Holocaust. He did not mention the 15th Century Doctrine justifying the theft of Indigenous Land nor Reparations.

What if we looked at "racism" as a global systemic institution? A system that is designed to foster and maintain racial inequities. The selfish and deliberate choices of one group's agenda that loses sight of compassion and the potential within all human capital regardless of race. Thus, systemically and deliberately denying equity to those who built the economies and rejecting reparations for the land they have stolen and have prospered from for centuries.

Instead, 2022 in the United States of America:

- Class: Average household income for whites is $163,700, for Asians $156,300, Blacks $12,920 and Indigenous People $5,700.

- Ageism: The life span of Blacks lags behind whites due to racism that causes stress, diabetes, depression, and high cholesterol.

- Education: Black children make up 18% of the total number of preschoolers. Yet, Black children are four times as likely to be suspended from school than white children.

- Gender: Black women have more education than any other race and they are paid less than whites. Black women are paid less than Black men as well.

- Animals: People around the world prefer to poach from the continent of Africa than other continents that have wildlife; thus, adversely impacting the ecosystem.

- Food: Blacks are more likely than any other race to experience hunger because of inequitable pay. Additionally, 29% of Black people live in communities whose main access is to unhealthy food.

- Disabilities: Black people suffering from mental illness are the most likely among any race to be sent to a jail than a hospital.

- Religion: To be Black and Muslim causes double discrimination in America. Hate crimes for all demographics remain flat, except for Muslims. Attacks on Muslims rise every year.

- Health: Serena Williams would have died in child labor if she had not saved her life herself. She had a blood clot and the doctors refused to help her due to her race. Therefore, she massaged the blood clot down towards her foot, saving her own life. Pregnant Black women are 3.3xs more likely to die during pregnancy and labor than white women.

- Environmental Racism: Hazardous waste sites, industrial facilities, and other locally unwanted and toxic land uses are disproportionately located in Black communities.

I am calling on you to join me in globally investing in Black Lives. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us that faith in oneself is the most powerful weapon against suppression and oppression. I have faith in our ability and our will to come together again, to continue the work of ensuring Black people around the world have access to quality education and health systems and economic security. That is the work of The New 3Rs. The New 3Rs does this by changing perceptions of self and others to create a more civic and compassionate society. The 10,000 Black History Artifacts of Griot Dannie Gore teach all children the contributions Blacks have made to the world and the truth about the Black Holocaust. Through responsive philanthropy our 6th -10th grade students invest in creating "A more perfect union." That is the mission of The New 3Rs. The New 3Rs students are the youngest philanthropists globally awarding grants to Black-led organizations. We are an online program creating a more Civic and Compassionate society, one child and one family at a time. Will you join us? 

We are hosting Dr. Starita Boyce Ansari at our EdNet forum series on Thursday, August 4, at 7.30 am PDT. Learn more about her and The New 3Rs during this session.

For more information and Registration for this event, Click/Tap Here.

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