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Progress is Slow and Steady


Like most of us, I imagine, when something needs maintenance, I like a quick fix or even better—a cheap quick fix. But when it sounds too good to be true... It usually is, and sometimes, especially in the case of work needed to save our planet and humanity, the necessary work is so fundamental that it is a long-term undertaking. Of course, our...

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Short & Sweet

Short & Sweet

These last four weeks I've been writing about the Gala and each of the Humanitarian Awards we will present on November 12 at our Global Gala. The week before those blogs appeared, I wrote about the Global Gala Gallery. (I got high marks in school for my understanding of alliteration). Each week as I wrote these entries, I felt a little gu...

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August is Make-A-Will Month


As the development director of the Charter for Compassion, interesting tidbits of information float through my inbox. And this is one example: August is Make-A-Will month. This was news to me and it reminded me of Fred Henry. First, a few words about Fred. I met Fred early in 2022, when he reached out to say that he would like to volunteer with the...

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