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Above All Compassion: United World Colleges


I always want to tell these young idealists that the world is not as dangerous as many in the older generation want them to believe...The [people] for whom I feel the greatest sadness are the ones who choke on their beliefs, who never act on their ideals, who never know the state of struggle in a decent cause, and never know the thrill of even part...

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Pathologies of Power


Deogratias Niyizonkiza: An Example of Self-Actualization "What a man (sic) can be, he must be," so said Abraham Maslow the proponent of the theory of self-actualization. I remember reading that Maslow thought that few people got to the full potential of their capabilities when it came to be self-actualized. Well, Maslow never met Deogratias Niyizon...

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Everyone Matters


Mary Robinson: A Pillar of Justice and Human Rights I first learned of Mary Robinson when I was involved in a project on Women World Leaders. I was to write a curriculum to accompany the documentary film by Laura Liswood, consisting of a compilation of interviews with women who were leaders in political office around the world. The mid 1990s saw a ...

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How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ~Maya Angelou


I've got celebration on my mind. Perhaps it is because at the Charter for Compassion we are in the midst of planning our 2022 Global Gala, during which we honor three extraordinary individuals who have made more than significant contributions to the world and one organization that has done the same. We won't announce the names until the end of Sept...

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