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Welcome to the Charter's new Global Art Gallery


The Charter for Compassion (CfC) is expanding its approach to fundraising in a collaborative effort which supports and showcases artists' work globally. CfC is inviting artists to submit pieces to sell online at a 50/50 split, to help support our mission and it allows us to share their work with our audience around the world. We would, of course, be grateful for pieces of art that are outright donations to the Gallery.

Art collectors: we are asking you to consider donating to our Gallery. Perhaps you are downsizing, or are willing to let go of a piece with significant connection to compassion. We would be grateful for your donation.

We want to fill this Gallery with beautiful art from all over the world. The Gallery will be open from October 30 through November 12, 2022. If you are willing to collaborate with the Charter and list art for sale in our gallery, please submit the following:
  • Short bio and jpeg photo of you, the artist
  • A jpeg photo of each piece you allow us to sell (3 pieces max ) (or donate outright)
  • Please include the following for each art piece: Title / Price (in USD) / Size / Medium / indicate if this a 50/50 split or a donation. If you are donating a piece: Artist's name and provenance
  • Your website - if applicable
  • Links to your social media

Donor/artist confirms that the handling will be taken care of by the point of origin-which is the donor or the artist. Due to the global scale of the Charter's audience, donors/artists will add an estimate of shipping, handling, and insurance, separately to the price of the piece, to be adjusted to the destination location. This price is separate and will be added to the sale price. The Charter is working with DHL to get a nonprofit rate on all shipping. More details coming soon.

Visit the Charter's new Global Art Gallery here

Please contact with questions and comments. 

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Monday, 05 June 2023
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