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The Transformational Power of Women: XIV Encuentro Mundial de Valores


Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. August 2022

The Encuentro Mundial de Valores (EMV) (Worldwide Meeting on Human Values) is an annual event that was launched with the visit of H.H. the Dalai Lama back in 2006, in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, founded and directed by María Cristina González Parás as a non-profit NGO.

Every year, this event offers a different theme and gathers around 5,000 participants, with more than 350 speakers since 2006, that contribute to the wellbeing of the city by creating alliances and programs that help improve all sectors.

The Charter for Compassion has collaborated closely with the EMV since 2015, especially through the NLxLaCompasión program that has added 17 Compassionate Cities, implemented Compassionate Integrity Training (CIT) and Think Equal for more than 20,000 participants, planted 32,000 trees; and strengthened partnerships between Universities, Government and local businesses.

The XIV Worldwide Meeting on Human Values will take place on September 9th and 10th of this year in the Pavilion M Auditorium and the Convention Center, Monterrey, Mexico. The main theme of this year's edition is: The Transformative Power of Women. We will explore this topic in face-to-face conferences and workshops with women leaders and social activists from around the world, from education, environment, economy, social responsibility, inclusion, compassion, science and well-being, spirituality and human rights.

As every year, we will bring together more than twenty world-class leaders and speakers with the purpose of sensitizing hearts and minds by offering deep dialogues and an accumulation of personal and community resources and tools, thus sharing global best practices to raise the level of consciousness and help in the creation of a better world.

To date, some of the speakers confirmed for this year's event are: Rosario Marín, Former Treasurer of the USA, María Neira (Spain) Director of Public Health and Environment of the WHO, Lisa Miller (USA) Early Childhood Education and Spirituality, Diane Cirincione (USA) Attitude Healing, Donna Hicks (Canada) Conflict Resolution, Kimberly Schönert-Reichl (USA) Education for Peace, Felicidad Cristóbal (Spain) Activist in the Development of Consciousness, Sofialeticia Morales (Mexico) Secretary of Education NL, Martha Herrera (Mexico) Secretary of Equality and Inclusion, Alejandra Hass (Mexico) Activist for Women's Rights and Ana Belén Hernández (Mexico) Activist for the Indigenous Community, Dr. Anny Beristáin and Dr. Rosy Fierro de Mariposas A.C., Fr. Javier Ávila Jesuit Priest and Msgr. Rogelio Cabrera Archbishop of Monterrey, Dr. David Garza (ITESM), Act. Ángel Casán (U-ERRE), Mtro. Mario Páez (UDEM) and Dr. Santos Guzmán (UANL); among others.

The topics that will be addressed in this edition are:

· The Power of Women to Build Peace

· Women's Empowerment from Education

· The urgency of prioritizing Public Health and Environmental Policies

· Global Spiritual Renaissance: Women Leaders in an Awakened World

· Balance of the actions of the Universities to achieve equity and quality of Education

· Heal Your Attitudes

· Panel: "Non-Discrimination"

· Awakened Consciousness

· Person-Centered Feminism

· Politics of Being: Redesigning Societies Based on Spiritual Values

· Workshop: Redefining My Beliefs

· Leaders of the Self: The Path of Compassion and Other Values for Female Empowerment

· Change Your Attitude Workshop, Improve Your Relationships

· The Transformative Power of Women in the Economy

· Compassionate Education for Peace

· Developing skills to support people during an emotional crisis

· Presentation of the book Dignifying: Consuelo Bañuelos

· Current Situation and Challenges of Freedom of Religious Expression: An Indispensable Right for the Exercise of Faith

Purchase Tickets available at Ticketmaster AND/OR Tickets to watch the event by Zoom.

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